I feel bad for adding to the number of these kinds of posts, but I need to find more people for the club

Ohioans? Where are all of you guys at?


Where’s the club?

Lorain County Community College

Ah. I’ve been once but my work schedule makes Saturdays really difficult. Have you and I met? I’m horrible with names.

Rosario is my name
Yoyo is my game

I guess we haven’t :slight_smile: I would remember that name. Maybe we will meet soon :wink:

Yeah man you should totally come to the club! ;D

Looks like I’ll be there on the 19th with Jacob Gross riding shotgun :slight_smile:

Any chance the club still meets in the summer? I might be able to go then. I live in Brook Park, but I am a couple hours away at college right now.

I’m over in Findlay which is more in northwest Ohio. I don’t really know where Lorain County Community College is, though. I do believe I have met Waylon at Ohio States.