Is the clevland yoyo club active


i was wondering if the cleveland yoyo club is still active because I would like to do to a meeting to see what it is like and i might Want to join. any info

(G2 Jake) #2

It’s not really active right now. Check out Lorain county yoyo club. They meet every week


What do you mean by the cleveland yoyo club not being very active. how often do they meet.

The lorain yoyo club is About 50 minutes from me so thats kind of far


I asked about this in the Ohio States thread (because it said that it was hosted on by the Cleveland yoyo club) and this is the answer that I got.

(G2 Jake) #5

Not very active as in. I think they met before the state contest. But it was months before that with no meetings.


Do you know where they meet and if you could figure out when there next meeting would if there is one because that would be a huge help

(G2 Jake) #7

They don’t have any meetings set up. They don’t have a set location currently either.


I am more than willing to help get the club back on it’s feet. I love to far away to go to the Lorain yoyo club, and I unfortunately never had the chance to meet up with the old club. Do you know who I would contact?

(G2 Jake) #9

There is a Facebook group.

Where do you live? I’ll be having a big meet at my place in august.

I live in north canton


I’ve messaged the Facebook page and no one responds… I live in Cleveland heights


Try inviting people if you haven’t already done it.

(Steve Brown) #12

I’m talking to the Great Northern Mall, where we had the Ohio State Contest, about hosting monthly club meetings there, but nothing confirmed yet.

We almost had a toy store that was going to host us, but couldn’t get it to work.

Let me get through Worlds and I’ll get a new meeting spot sorted out and announced.


Awesome!! So good to hear, looking forward to the club getting back on it’s feet!!!


were will it be announced