does anyone play, or have heard of Ogame?

Ogame??? Whats that?

used to play maybe 3 years ago, but quit when I joined one of those clan thingys and got caught up in drama


its a tad different then it was 3 years ago… i used to be in ogame.org univers 23, now im in ogame.us universe 3, and i understand the whole drama bit…

I guess I’m a 5 year ogame vet…stopped playing like 2 months ago. My account in universe 40 resides in my little brothers hands.

Again what is ogame?

[quote=Wikipedia]two million accounts.[1] OGame was created in 2000 and is produced and maintained by Bioware.[2][3]. OGame is available in multiple languages, and different nationalities have their own communities. The game does not differ between the nationality communities except in rare cases. Players are generally informed of news and other things such as changes in rules or new versions through the official forums [4].
As of January 19, 2011, OGame.org has a total of 52 universes, including ten universes using the new redesign[5]. More are being added periodically. The Ogame prOgame universe (Universe 35) has been discontinued as an exclusive for paying members, so anyone may now sign up for it

in short, its a fairly simple space and technology game that takes place in a universe that has 9 galaxies, 499 systems and 15 planets in each system… the goal is to build your empire and wipe the snot out of your enemies with out getting wiped yourself… it dosnt include impressive graphics, but it is very stratigic


i also started playing ogame 5 years ago