OG Banshee, Circle City Hero, YoYoFriends Raytracer

(photos for all mentioned yoyos below)

Putting up a few to help pay for afore swim lessons… All come with extra strings. Prices are shipped. Take them both for $90.

Circle City YoYos - Hero - Dad blue NMTBS. Not a scratch on it, nor a vibe to be seen/felt. Comes with original box, just not pictured. $45 (retail $65)

Yoyofriends - Raytracer - first run dark gray also NMTBS. Same as the Hero; no scratches or vibe. Also has the box, just not pictured. $75 (retail $100)[SOLD]

G2 - Banshee - see photos for damages and all the goodies… Not sure what gen this one is. Scratches happened mere minutes after I got it as the string untied around the loop from the first few throws… Then the banshee screamed into a car bumper and bounced into a curb. NO VIBE and the box has been obviously opened and closed a few times… $65 (retail $100)

When I look at your pictures man…it looks Ike the Raytracer has been dinged up to the max? Are all those marks from glare?

glare or dust… it’s clean.

My bad sorry…

No worries! I should take better photos…

Is the raytracer still available?

PM Replied

Raytracer Pending

Raytracer Sold

Cake day bump?!

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