offstring with a counterweight - anyone try this?


Just wondering…I’m not that good at either…


I was thinking about that. But unattached PLUS unattached means I’m gonna be chasing something no matter what! I’m just trying to think how well that would work together. I could see pinching the string short to make a way to spin the CW. I could even see the CW helping with comfort and throws and when you close the loop a bit.

Should be interesting. I bet someone is doing it.


commonly known as 9a and offhand:


I would love to whip that counter weight around like a baseball bat and catch the off string haha, that would rock.



Very cool, I can see where that would certainly add a different element, but yeah, I don’t see a need to make it a well known competition or anything.


9A - OK… makes sense…thanks for the vids.

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