Has anyone ever...

I was wondering, if anyone had ever tried to do offstring but with a counterweight as well. I just had one of those moments and thought “HHHHHMMMM I wonder” I was just wondering if it had already been invented or has it just burned and died?

That’s called 9A, and many people do it. It’s incredibly hard if you aren’t good at 4A or 5A.

Yes, its not recognized in competition but its just another twits off of 5a or 4a. I believe one of its main players is ryan gee.
Here is a quick vid:

But that Division doesn’t exist in a Yo-yo competition right?

No, it’s not an official division at any contest I’ve heard of. You have lots of styles that doesn’t exist in contests though. Soloham and Hydra are examples of these.

WOW, I had never heard of that, hence the post but WOW, thanks!

I have heard of it before… pretty cool.

Check 2:29 of this video. It’s allowed in contests, I believe, just not many people do it.

A favorite style of mine.