Offstring Throw

I’m fairly new to off-string but am trying to get a harder throw for a longer spin, are there any tricks to doing this without launching the yoyo super high in the air? Also is it okay to clean the bearing on an offstring? Or would that make binding harder? I have a Duncan hayabusa btw

If you want to throw harder, flick your wrist really hard. However, force your NTH down more, or else the yoyo will go soaring.

It’s ok to clean your bearing. Whether its a clean or heavily lubed bearing, the binds will theoretically be the same. It’s the response system that does all the work.

Sweet then I think I’ll clean the bearing and work on that tommorow in daylight :slight_smile: Im not allowed to play inside after an incident with my sisters foot…

Good luck. Hav fun

Like mentioned, pulling down with your freehand while throwing helps greatly.
Also, try aiming for the yoyo to head back towards you and onto the string rather than straight up. This allows for an extremely hard throw that doesn’t fly very high at all.

Experiment with it, and you will find the perfect balance.

Good luck!