Offstring Question

Before with 1a yoyoing you snap your wrist down hard to get a good throw how do you get a really strong throw for offstring.

Just do a really hard forward pass.
You need to practice the angle you throw at until you get a good upwards throw, and not a forwards throw.

If you want to throw it like a 1A yoyo, you can do this.

Just practice a really strong forward pass with a 1a responsive yoyo. Get a good whipping motion with the offstring yoyo, put your finger out to throw it, well, up, and just make sure you get it really strong. Kind of snap your wrist as you thrust your arm forward, and you will see a difference! Hope I helped!

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oh thanks so you can really snap your wrist out hard with offstring aswell.

You really need to get the “Snap” down. Use the bower from your whole arm and then just snap your wrist. Also, remember to put your finger out so the yo-yo will be easier to catch, it also gives it a tad bit more power.

Basicly it.

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for me, i would say it is almost the same as 1a, but your wrist is upside down. do the same flick or throw as you normally would, but keep your arm or wrist in one little area. when you do it, don’t flail your arms around, just quickly move your wrist foward, and up. after, put your finger out in front of your wrist so you can grab the string. not too far, but not too close. when you land, it is called a forward pass mount. after you flick and let go of the yoyo, stick out your finger to grab the string, so there will be some string hanging or left over. while the yoyo is in the air, and you grabbed the string, aim the string, and land the yoyo on the string between your throwhand, and your pointer grabbing the other end. try it with the yoyo not on the string, grab the foward pass mount like you normally would, and put the yoyo on the string. one remender is not to grab the string, and pull it so it becomes even, let it loose a tiny bit so it doesn’t get off balance. don’t let it too loose, either. so it doesn’t become some sort of slack attached whip.

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Thanks everyone that has posted within this topic, you have all been great help and also if you do have anymore suggestions they will still help thanks!!! ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: