I need more offstring tricks. Suggestions?

I can do the following:
Forward Pass Mount and Brain Twister Mount
Barrel Roll
Toss & Catch
Snap Start
Triple Suicide
Behind Back Catch
Whip Catch
Orbit the Leg
Orbit the Arm
Volcano Regeneration
Thumb Grind
Mirror Toss

Can anyone give me suggestions to learn (and how to do them, preferably with a video)?


The only other site I know of with tricks is here: http://www.offstring.com/

Thanks André!

Offstring is alot of made up stuff. Just try some whips where the yoyos bounces off the ground, or after a grind, etc. There’s a bunch of different types of throws too.

Here’s another site i found too.


try sen poppin on micheals link :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!