Official Diabolo thread!

I’ve been diaboloing for a while, and I realized that there isn’t a thread for it

Here you can share your questions and comments with each other!

I’m a good
5 years into it now.
I’m decent I guess
But it was 2 years of me really into it
And 3 years
When it was yoyo and diabolo
Soooo, I yoyo more
Due to easier to take places etc.


Dang bro, I’ve only been diaboloing for a month or so, u must be great! Ever consider making a vid?

Skip to 1:43

the first Guy is my previous teacher, but is now my Student LOLOL
I’m just ridiculously persistent and i surpassed him in 3-4 months

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Wow!!! That was amazing!

One of the Best Performances I’ve done
Sadly wasn’t recorded.
It was recent, bout 2 months ago.
with my newer style
slower and more mellow
but very flashy

Cool, what diabolo did u use

I do diabolo some.
I really got into it about 3 years ago, but haven’t had much time to practice as much.

I use a Finesse for 1D and Sundia suns for 2D. I like the feel of finesse’s for 1D a lot more than sun’s for 1D, hence why I use different dia’s.

I actually have been getting into it again, as I do a variety show which involves diabolo performance. Been adding some new things to make more visually appealing.



Sundia Suns
Sundia Crustal suns
Sundia Fly
Henrys circus

I Think thats all!

And Josh, What did you Think of my Performance? :slight_smile:

I had a short axle Fly for a while and learned a lot of tricks pretty quickly mostly the big tricks, as opposed to intricate ones. I traded it off when I moved to an apartment too small to accommodate. I want to come back to it this summer and get a Finesse. I’m moving to a house in a few weeks.