Official Brett Paints: GIGANTIC UPDATES PAGE 3

I decided to make this my official thread and will just update here when new work is done.

Ok even an old fart like me has moments of brilliance, and out of that moment this was born. I was using this Hspin Beysick as a test dummy for the idea I want to do on a VsNyyc Battosai I will be painting for an auction. The Auction will be for the Strings documentary and all proceeds will go to them.

Heath generously dontated the Battosai and I generously will donate the paint and time. More on that one later.

But here is the Test Dummy for the idea which I will call “Electric Confetti”

I know everyone always ask’s but a spinning pic please. :slight_smile:

Is it for sale?

i was just about to say that, and do you have any pics of it spinning?

Spinning shots tomorrow I need to let it cure a bit, Im so curious myself to see what it looks like spinning hahahaha

That is amazing!

I love seeing your painting. A++ job!

You are the Bob Ross of yoyo’s

ahahahahah I will have to do something with a happy little tree :slight_smile:

If you have any openings for your painting sometime in the future, will you be willing to do this on any yoyo? It will give me something to save up for :wink:

spinning in sunlight

words cannot describe…

:o :o :o :o :o :o

I shall always tip my hat to you sir!!!

If you have a history of Epilepsy or Seizures from flashing and pulsating colors I would recommend not watching this video, if you dont hahha this thing is INSANE watch as it slows down, stops, reverses, etc all while spinning at the exact same speed WEIRD!!

OH WOW!!! That does hurt your head to look at ;D

its like a moving rainbow!! are you gonna sell it?

Northern Lights CLYW Campfire…

The colors remind me of lisa frank. Kris loves her art a lot. :slight_smile:

You made me have to go to the doc’s to get my jaw reattached… ;D But that’s like my favorite paint job ever.

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Those are rediculous!

Could you do this to a Yoyojam Phenom?

I will gladly pay you if its possible :stuck_out_tongue:

ok did this one today for Jake Gross (HSYY Team Member) and as you can see I can now do speckles as well :slight_smile:

I will call this Nebula Blues