Official 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest (Worlds) Countdown!

21 days until worlds!

Hey guys! This is the official Countdown to Worlds thread! I will be updating the thread everyday for an accurate countdown. I thought it would be awesome if everybody that is going or might go will post a pic of themselves so we will recognize one another at the contest. Info about the contest can be found here:

Im not 100% sure im going but most likely am! and will probably be throwing my violet 888x!

Thats Me!!! / / / / / / / / / / / / / (2nd one for the ladies ;)) u talkin ta me?

I wanna go for my birthday (august 12th), but school starts the 13 th! :-[ so I probably can’t :frowning:

what my school starts sep 12
i can probally go!

Lucky! I almost definitely can’t >:(

same here except im not positive what day it starts.

Meh, I dunno why my school starts so early, but the 13th is orientation, so I might be able to skip it and go :wink: maybe… :-[

my school ends May 29 and gets back in August 19

May 29th is on a Saturday! That was the day of the BAC! And I was there!!!

me will be there

I’ll be there!

I’m probably going.

i will posibly be there

ill be there!! im doing the 1a freestyle! and im most likley going to use my protostar

ill look out for you

mostly 100%
i will be screaming the most then you will find me :slight_smile:

wow my proformance will rock!!

87 days? even if it was from the last edit.

why is the info wrong?

i kept it going for like 20 days but i started to early for me to even get close to counting all the way down

I’m going

im signed up and going 100% ill be with metal man :stuck_out_tongue:

i wanted to do the 5a but i forgot to put it when i reg haha.