Offering my modding services.

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Quite simple. I am offering my modding services to anyone who is interested.

What does my basic mod consist of?


The process is as such:

Metals: Your yoyo will be treated to a street style satin finish. Many minor “dings” put into your yoyo via the street. This creates a nice grinding finish for your yoyo and a very unique appearance.
I will treat your bearing to a syrup bath to create a smooth spinning experience. I will also replace your string with the plastic bag slack string, that is proven contest worthy.

For plastics, Ill give it the crack treatment, many minor miniscule cracks to create a nice grinding finish, as well as the syrup bath.

I can also anodize your metals in a battery acid and soy sauce wash. Also creating a pleasant smelling yoyoing experience.

For the metals, I charge 10 dollars for a full job.
Plastics are 7.

For the Ano, it will be 14.

If interested, PM me, and we’ll work out the deal.

thanks for looking!





Could I send in a plastic? Are you running yet? Just making sure.


i want my genesis reanoed

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Yeah, I have done a few jobs already, PM me info and we’ll work it out.


For the crack treatment, can the cracks widen and destroy the yoyo?

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