Off axis help


Was popping guys? So I really want to start getting into horizontal style play and I have a shutter a diplomat and I have an atlas and I just can’t seem to get consistent with off axis gerbil. So basically I just need you all to tell me if I suck and should practice more or if I should get another throw if that would help. Lol. Thanks guys


Oh also I kinda want to get a super legit competition yoyo eventually anyways so if you recommend something that would help with off axis and be a good comp throw in general that’s awesome. Ps I know that a shutter is a good comp throw and so is a diplomat but I just want a next level one like $100+ range so that way I can stop worrying if it’s me or the yoyo and just focus on getting better and then when I am ready I can compete with it.


Why can’t you do that with a Shutter ??? Gentry has won Worlds, Nationals and numerous other contests with it.

No offense, but I can say 100% that you can stop worrying if it’s you or the yoyo with the Shutter. It’s a proven contest yoyo, there should be absolutely no reason why you can’t compete with it, it is a “super legit competition yoyo.”

Now if you don’t like the feel of it, that’s a different story. In that case it’s just going to be getting as many yoyos in your hands as you are able to until you know the shape, size and weight that you prefer.

And if you’re not consistent with horizontal, no yoyo is going to help with that, only practice will.


Just to follow up my last contest, here is Gentry winning Nationals with a Replay Pro that he took out of the package right before his freestyle.  Just remember, it’s rarely ever the yoyo that is important in the equation to whether something can be done or not.


Thanks. That’s pretty much what I thought would be said… guess I should just keep practicing. I like the feel of it but of course I want to try other stuff and have a bit of money to spend. Gentry did win nationals with a 16 dollar yoyo nothing against that but it just goes to show that a professional can win with almost anything but that doesn’t mean that they want to use just anything and it doesn’t make it easier to use just anything. Of course the shutter is a great yoyo and I could compete with it but I was just wondering if something else would be better for learning off axis tricks and improving my skills plus, I just want more yoyos. :blush:


Well why didn’t you say so to begin with ;D

Everyone is different, but personally I think it’s best to be able to grab any yoyo and do your tricks on them, not needing a certain yoyo in order to do that. I remember Steve Brown mentioning Eric Koloski competing, and each of his backup yoyos is a different yoyo. It’s a great thing when it’s easy for you to hit your tricks and the yoyo isn’t the reason for that. That is how these guys get that good, and I’m of the belief that anyone can get to that same level, just depends if you want to put that same work into it :slight_smile:

I don’t play horizontal much, but I’d say in my experience the Shutter is great for it, big catch zone and well balanced. But there is something about finding a yoyo that you really click with :slight_smile: Hope you find that one!


Haha lol. Thanks buddy. Any suggestions? I’ve heard the edge is really good.


I’ll leave the competition yoyo suggestions to others, I’m not into that and most of the yoyos that I really love are not “geared” toward competition.

But I have heard that most the players on YYF are using the Edge in competitions now, so that has to say something for that one


Yeah it does. I also love nagao’s style. But there are so many other yoyos that interest me… kenshin, gamma crash, finger spin, firrox, steel. Ugh so hard to choose! Any other opinions? basically my plan now is that I’m going to get a super good comp level yoyo then I’m going to get one more fun yoyo, the standard then I’m just going to trade and not buy anything else.(for now) lol


Is the G5 any good at off axis?


The kaiser looks pretty dope. Any body have experience with it?


You don’t need another yo-yo. The atlas you have is probably the best possible yo-yo to learn off axis with. I learned off axis on a plastic yoyojam, so that goes to show that when you are the largest component of learning any trick. You need a certain level of experience to learn off axis, and if you watch the video below, try for a couple weeks and just can’t get it, give it a rest and come back when you are a little more skilled. Here they are:


Thanks dude. I have been throwing for like 3 years so I would like to think I have enough experience to learn this. But I guess I just need to practice more. The atlas is probably the easiest for off axis out of my collection but I think I want to learn on the yoyo that I will compete with and the atlas isn’t that yoyo. And for the record nobody needs a yoyo at all we buy them because we want them not because we need them. lol. So now I know I can learn off axis with what I got but I would like to get another yoyo to compete with that will be good for off axis as well. I think it’s between the edge and kaiser… any opinions? I love the way 7075 yoyos feel but the edge comes so highly recommended idk what one to git🤔


I didn’t mean to sound rude or condescending, I now realize my reply could come off like that. I have actually been throwing for about three years as well, and I just included the videos because I would have found them helpful as well.(they were released a few months after I learned off axis) In my opinion, you should just learn off axis with the atlas. As long as you can do skin the gerbil reasonably cleanly, I do not think you will have any problem transitioning to your throw of choice.

The 44rpm rhythm looks super similar to the Kaiser, I sense a conspiracy…


No not at all I appreciate the help and advice, those videos are really helpful. The rhythm looks good as well but I don’t think it’s 7075


It’s not the yoyo you need more practice. I have a shutter and diplomat they do just fine in horizontals. Nonetheless if you want an especially good yoyo at horizontals the new c3 fingerspin seems specifically designed for it, but I don’t own one and can’t say personally. Talking from my own collection the space cadet is very good at horizontals but I don’t really like it for anything else. Legato is pretty decent at horizontals a d a great comp throw for just over 100$.


Yeah I should really just practice more but a new shiny yoyo that’s good at it will probably help me be motivated to practice😜. Legato looks pretty sweet I’ll look into dat sum more.