OD54, Nickel Mint Evil Yo, Zeekio Animal, Rec Rev 33 1/3 Rainbow, Entheos, DNS

I fixed your pics. Good luck with the sales. :slight_smile:


I AM NOT LOOKING FOR TRADES, unless it’s something like a Cascade, Canvas, or any CLYW.

I’m Selling yoyo’s for Food. I lost my job, unemployment was denied, I really need money! Please help!

Serious Inquires Only.

Prices are not set in stone, just please don’t Low Ball Me.

Do Not Ask Me To Ship First. I will Ship After You Pay. Simple.

black w/black spikes OD54 $50

nickel mint evil yo $80 nmib

zeekio animal (rec rev no.9) $40

Rec Rev 33 1/3 - Rainbow Anno’d by Aman Sircus of Rebel yo yo’s, Rare, Near Mint $65

B grade Entheos - Good solid player Near mint, one small mark $60

Kyo DNS - Underrated in my opinion, Great yoyo and smooth. $50

I tried to post pictures, but you can see them all http://www.flickr.com/photos/78295229@N03/7569989798/in/photostream/

I need cash right now, sorry no trades

raw avalanche is sold. I put up another avalanche.


bump, BvM is gone

Bump, thanks for fixing the pics vegabomb