I don’t know about you guys, and I don’t claim to have owned every yoyo ever, but the OD SF SK collab is absolutely amazing. It easily holds up to the most expensive yoyos I have, and only 40 bucks. Maybe it’s just me and its like my magic yoyo, but I’m just blown away by how good this thing is. Let me know how you feel about it if you’ve got one, love it hate let’s get it out in the open. Sorry just had to splurge a bit.

I agree with you, the SK rocks. At $44 feels like you’re stealing from OD and SF.

Agree, it’s a great throw

I love it now, but I had to grow into it over a couple days. But yeah I reach for it a lot

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anybody want to do a half swap? mine is the gray

I am down for half swap. Mine is clear tho so i dont know if it would be worth it. Half gray half slightly lighter gray lol

Nah dude I think that would look good. But I’m all about colorblocking rn so my opinion is biased :wink:

Anyone hear of them making more of these available?
I saw the Alex Edition that was out yesterday, but I didn’t have the $60 set aside for yo-yo expenditure :frowning:

Ha! In recent news…
I have a half swapped SK (gray/purple) on its way in the mail.
Looking forward to it!

Oboi…agree! The collaboration was very symbiotic as the out come shows! The ODxSF SK is an exceptional thrown as all have testified!
I feel the same way about the yoyoofficier’s Rave too! Great value beyond the price!