OD Kraken and Terrarian, Generalyo Majesty and Legato, plastics LF: green Expedition


Mostly looking to sell unless you have a green Expedition, Corruption, Wolf, or some other interesting throw. Many of these throws have light damage; many are mint.

PM me if you are interested for detailed descriptions and pictures. Prices are very flexible, and I am willing to let these throws go for cheap.

Top left to bottom right:

(TRADED) General yo Majesty (decent condition and a little fingernail vibe)

OD Terrarian (pretty good condition n smooth)

OD Mushroom Kraken (100% mint, smooth, with box) 60 shipped

Yoyojoker Exceed (very good condition n smooth)

OD Benchmark O 2013 (mint in box with a little vibe)

Generalyo Legato b grade (1 tiny pinprick and a tiny bit of fingernail vibe)

Recess Jawbreaker First base (great condition)




A bumpy



(system) #5