OD Cascade Side effects play


Hello all-- I just recently bought a cascade about two weeks ago and It came stock with the spike side effects. I bought it from Billy Bobs Bait and Tackle and when I spoke to JD on the phone, He told me that a couple colorways that they got from the restock came with the spike side effects in them and being that I like the look of the spikes, I picked one up. I love my cascade so far, Its my first Side effect yoyo (i also own a burnside so its not my first OD). I have noticed that since its got a fair amount of weight in the cup and in the center, It tends to want to tilt more easily than some of my heavy rim weighted throws (im sure thats just me not being the most top notch player). While I have improved my play to make sure I hit a more centered throw, I was wondering If using the dome side effects (being that they are slightly lighter) would make the cascade a little bit more stable? I dont have the dome side effects to pop in and try out so I wanted to see if anyone can tell me if they notice a difference in play between using a cascade with spikes vs domes. Ive asked a couple people and one said he felt a difference and the other said he didnt so I just want to know what you guys think?

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Spikes and domes weigh the same so there shouldn’t be any difference. You are right the Cascade has a different weight distribution and feel than you might be used to.


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I thought the spikes were slightly heavier than the domes though? OD says the spikes weigh 3.2grams and the domes weigh 3.0grams. I know its really close but i wasnt sure if that affected play.


Spikes and domes are CLOSE in weight, but not identical. Domes to play a little differently; I actually like domes in my code 2 more than spikes.
My favorite SEs for my cascade are brass domes, which are quite a bit heavier than the standard ones, but I like heavy throws.
If you want to go lighter and have more rim:center ratio, then try some legos or ultralights. I think there are still some ULs in the YYE store.

YEP! Couple black ones left.

Get 'em while they exist :slight_smile:


I actually like the weight of the cascade. Its on the light side for me but it definitely works. If anything I think I might try the domes just because if I don’t I’ll always wonder “what if” lol


A 1.7g drop isn’t huge, it will make it feel like there’s more rim weight more than anything.


It won’t sacrifice any spin time or stability will it?


Personally I get better spin time the heavier I go. I would think it might become more stable with less center weight, though.


Here is a list of all the current Side Effects and their respective weights. This comes directly from One Drop.



The new victory SEs need to be added.


Here is a list of all the current Side Effects and their respective weights. This comes directly from One Drop.

Wow those anti-yo side effects are pretty heavy compared to the rest. They look fantastic too but I’m not sure they would be good on the cascade…



I’ll give them a try and let you know.


I love discs in my Cascade… preferably the big ones, but the mini-discs are great, too (aka Eternal Throw Discs)