OD Benchmark Responsiveness Issue.

On Monday, when I got my Benchmark V in the mail I was playing with it normally. After a couple minutes, I decided to put some thin lube in it in case the bearing came in the mail dry. I put one drop in, and the yoyo became responsive when I put it back together (I know about breaking in lube). I thought that after a little while it would become unresponsive, but after 2-3 hours of throwing, it stayed responsive. Finally today I picked up some mineral springs to clean the whole bearing out. I went through the process and made sure to put in as little lube as possible this time (put a small drop on a needle), but after throwing for a couple more hours it is still responsive. Any clue how I should fix this? The lube I’m using is YYJ thin.

Try cleaning it and not using any lube. The most common cause of response is lube.

I’ve used this lube on other unresponsive yoyos and they became unresponsive, albeit it took a little while to break the lube in.


I mean as in the lube worked fine with my other yoyos, but for some reason this one is not working with it and I’m not sure why.

Update: I cleaned out the bearing again (completely dry) and it is still responsive.

Have you tried using anything else to clean it? It may be that there’s something in the bearing. Otherwise, if you have another bearing of the same size (benchmarks use a C) you could try to pop that in for the time being. I honestly Don’t know why you’d be having bearing problems with a new throw but it may be you just had some bad luck.

I just popped in another bearing I had from my N12 and the Benchmark works fine now. At least that confirms that it is 100% the bearing that is the issue. Still need to find out what to do about the bearing though…

PM me your shipping address and I’ll send you a new one.

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I always seem to have this same problem with my ten balls, but never in non OD yoyos, but play does seem to help some.

I’ve had this Exact same problem with two of my KonKave bearings; lube made them totally responsive… Cleaned them thoroughly with OMS and they’re still responsive. It’s a shame because I love the KonKaves, but since then I have resorted back to my dry center tracks. (´Д` )

Many of the times it is because there is a stubborn piece of dirt stuck in there. I had this problem with my 10 ball, but after several different methods of vigorous cleaning, air drying, and dremel spinning, I finally got it out. Of course, if the problem remains after several cleanings with lots of shaking, contact OD and they would gladly replace it. They aren’t a company who skimps on customer service

Try paper cleaning. It’s great for getting gunk out. After the initial solvent cleaning, it’s the only cleaning method I use.