Obscure throws

Gauging interest in some throws that I no longer use…
From left to right, top to bottom.
X3 Chronos
X3 The Seed
X3 Zeus
X3 Stampede
Werrd 4XL
TenYo Wet Whistle
Dif e Yo Tank
Brokenyoyo Plug in 3
Brokenyoyo Sumo
Werrd TFL
KYO Alph
KYO PHI 1.618
KYO Senza Nome
Hot-Yo Chili
3YO3 Ceephax
KYO Tirade
Roo-Yo SV

Lmk if you’re interested in anything and I’ll provide better pictures and more information. Thanks for looking! US only please…


Did you hand dye the Ceephax yourself? Looks great!

The Chronos is Soserious, not X3​:smile::+1:

X3 is shorter to type…

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Tirade and Roo sold!

Looks like that 4XL is the AYYA edition.

It ‘tis!

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4XL and TenYo sold!

Chronos sold!

Tank sold!

Interested in the ceephax —-please send more pictures and price

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