Bundles for sale YYF OD Foxland DIFeYO AXIS YYWS

$75 for any 2 numbers. any combination. shipping included. add $25 per throw/number you wanna add. Will provide more detailed pics upon request. ONLY SHIPPED WTHIN USA.
(sorry for super potato quality picture. having issues with phone)

For Sale ONLY
Message me if interested!

  1. YYF Ex-Machina
  2. B-Grade YYWS Armament
  3. OD Kuntosh black/purple [gone]
  4. Prototype nomad from Square Wheels yoyo co.
  5. Team edition Nomad from Square wheels yoyo co
  6. Dif-E-Yo Internal Turmoil
  7. OG MILK Smooth [gone]
  8. Axis Mixtape
  9. Four YYF Replays
  10. One of a kind Foxland Precision
  11. YYF G10, Elfinyo, Sherpa, and blazing teens throw


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LOL potato quality :potato: … I tried to resize and crop it a bit for you :wink:

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Nice case of throw’s bro…what is the Foxland precision throw? And what color is Sherpa? Thank you,

The Foxland is an unnamed throw. only one made.
The Sherpa is purple :smiley:

I am familiar and have several F/P throws over the years playing & collecting… Cat’s 'Meow? Minotaur…Honey badger…Alvin makes awesome throws…let me think if I want to spend the money?
Thank you,

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