Oats! <3+How to eat?

Okay, I just started eating oats… and it was actually pretty good. Just out of box, quaker oats. However, they are a bit bland… is there anyway to flavor them without cooking? (I’m lazy. And too much time.) I’ve been mixing honey… anything else?

You can add raisins, craisins(dried cranberries), or brown suger.

Too much time for oats? You’re insane they take like 2 minutes haha but anyway. I got some options for ya.
Throw some cinnamon in there. Or some sugar. Or both.
Pour them on apples or any other moist fruit to get oat covered moist fruit!
Brown sugar’s always a winner.
I like to melt butter and put it in a bowl and pour oats on it. It’s just like cereal…except with oats…and butter.
Also, I like to throw some oats on my steak. Now that’s a fine jamacian dish but hey, it’s worth the effort.

Also little known fact. Oats can be popped similar to popcorn.

Cinnamon and honey is always good, or some Chinese 5 spice powder.

Hmmm… Oat popcorn, I’ll have to try that!

OATS CAN BE POPPED? :o You have hit the jackpot… but how? Butter, pan?

i personally aim for about 2 servings of dry oat meal add water nuke for about 3 minutes then add two scoops of optimum whey protein isolate and table spoon of peanut butter. great for building muscle and fat loss.:wink:

Erm… this is gonna be weird… but how do you mix the peanut butter and oat meal? It like lumps around and doesn’t hit all the oats… or is it supposed to be that way? I’m gonna try muesli in like 1 minute…

Mix the peanut butter after you’ve cooked the oats the heat will help the PB break down.

Brown sugar/maple syrup + coffee grounds mixed with oats= pure win and a buzz

The coffee has to be ground really fine though.

How do you pop the oats? I really want to know.

as soon as it comes out its hot enough to mix in peanut butter

If I could even begin to comprehend what actually happens when I pop them, maybe I could explain it or attempt to recreate it in video format. But at this time, it’s just not possible.

And to all you “nay-sayers” and “non-believers” I say shame on you. You may not of exposed yourself yet. But you will. And when you do…SHAME!

No, how do you GET them to pop?

Put them in the oat popper…?

Where do I obtain an “oat popper?”

Wait… I’m talking about rolled oats, I think this only works with oats that still have the skin on them. In that case, grease the pan with butter, throw in oats, close pan and take cover.

I WILL do this soon… how much popoats would, say,a fifty pound bag of oats make? You did say “take cover…”

I’d start small. Half a cup? I’m going off of popcorning knowledge here, so don’t quote me.

I used to eat oats like they were cornflakes, a little bit of sugar and some milk, all I needed. Raisins and honey is really good though.