Nylon vs polyester


How do they compare?
How well string tension is ?


String tension is irrelevant - meaning, it doesn’t matter what material the string is made from, you are going to have to adjust it as you play to keep it neutral. Ie. If string tends to tension one way during play, sooner or later you will have to “make” it go the other way, there’s no “cure-all” here.

In terms of playability (in my limited experience):

Nylon lasts MUCH longer (doesn’t go fuzzy) and feels heavier, which means you can whip it faster.

The downside is that it can be rough on hands and often feels “clunky”. The string has very little give, so you can really feel it “thunk” at the bottom of the string when you throw.

Nylon generally feels much smoother, which can be great, but can also lead to slippy binds. Also, as the material is harder, I’ve seen nylon pull silicone straight out the response area.

My advice, play with whatever is easiest to get. If you really want to, then buy some nylon strings, test them yourself and make up your own mind.


Kinda off topic, but If you do a healthy variety of frontstyle, side style, and horizontal/Excalibur, you don’t really need to adjust string tension at all. I maybe adjust it like, twice a day, and i play A LOT.