NvX repair for Chaz Pads Chuck!

Chuck sent me this NvX a while back. The response area was messed up (no wall between the response area and the bearing seat). Chuck wanted to be able to silicone it, and wanted to restore the bearing seat wall. After mulling things over for a little while, trying to decide exactly how to attack it, I decided to try something new.

First, I took a Born Crucial small bearing spacer and cut the response area out.

Left is a stock spacer. Right is the modified (cut slimmer, and response area removed)

Then I cut the center out of the NvX almost to the outer part of the response area for the spacer to fit in

I then epoxied the spacer into the yoyo, screwed everything together to keep everything lined up and pressure applied for the epoxy. I had to use a size A bearing at this point (inner race is the same diameter). After letting it sit that way for a couple of days, I unscrewed everything and cut the outer part of the bearing seat so that the size D bearing would spin freely. I also cut the response area to match the original response area.

Repaired half on the left, stock half on the right.

Close up of the repaired bearing seat and response area. You can see where the new spacer meets the yoyo itself in the middle of the response area.

Not a horribly complex repair, but just a little different approach than I had taken on something like this before. Thought it might help another modder in a similar situation.

Nice job. How well’s it play?

Very intuitive of you, great work!