I don’t know the difference.

And platinum/silver over gold I’ve heard.

I had some of the gold CTs and KKs from NSK and the gold wore off. The flakes seized the bearings. I originally sold the 543s with gold NSK KKs and it happened to them, so I sent out Plat DS bearings to everyone who bought one it was that bad.


Thanks for the response.

I have a gold NSK(which I love), I just don’t know how the YYF is different. I’ve heard about the flakes too.

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The YYF NSK bearings are machined by NSK, so they are exactly the same as any other NSK bearing, just available in the YoYoFactory Center Trac shape.

I have a couple platinum ones that I use regularly and haven’t noticed any issues. I have a Gold NSK concave in my Parlay that I use regularly too. It has faded, which probably means it flaked off :man_shrugging:, but it hasn’t caused any seizing at all.

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YYF license the patented CT shape to NSK.

My personal experience with the gold is it wears but doesn’t flake on NSK but the fake gold bearings flake. I have not tested every run to confirm this but early ones didn’t flake.

All bearings can fail from impact and debris. It’s hard for me as a player to invest $$$ in bearings knowing that I’d the case. I’d rather be able to throw a bearing away than deal with significant maintainance to try save an investment.


Notice; I removed the primary content from this response because although I felt the information was useful. My response had little to do with directly answering the OP’s question.


Thanks Garrett.

I bought it to treat myself and my yoyo. I had the money, what the hell, right? :grinning:

I pretty much just use one yoyo anyway.

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Thanks Ben.

I deleted my post because after reading your topic/question… it was quite obvious that you didn’t ask for a lecture on gold/non gold bearings. So I was just derailing your topic.

My Dad dropped dead a few days ago and I guess I just haven’t been paying attention.


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I didn’t take offence. Really sorry about your Dad.

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