Now there's vibe

Hi guys,

I had a b grade aman Model 10 that was nearly dead smooth but when I unscrewed it only once (making sure the axel was screwed securely in one side) now it has vibe. It doesn’t bother me THAT much but just curious if there’s some simple tip that’ll do the job. I don’t want to tinker with it too much though. Again, it isn’t a big deal. Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you sure it isn’t your throw, or maybe your bearing? Unscrewing it shouldn’t really affect the play of the yoyo. Try the finger test (Throw the yoyo, put your finger against it. If it still vibes, it’s the yoyo, if not, it’s your throw.

Yeah it’s not my throw I’ve done the fingernail test :wink:

Sounds like it uses a floating axle

You’ll have to find the sweet spot and leave not unscrew it again

You could use loctite, but make sure you get the blue kind.