Not really sure why I keep buying yo-yos

(Zakai) #21

I try to have a limit to how many yoyos I have. Colorways and design can make a yoyo appealing which leads to someone buying it.


Yes. I have 3 different colors of the responsive Replay. I got them all in a week yet I like the overall feel and look of the black one the best. Why? Psychological, I suppose. I put slim pads in them but like the play of the black best. Back on point - knowing a new yo will be coming in a week puts pep in my step and makes me smile. I like trying different shapes and weights and everytime I order one I tell myself I gotta cut myself off for 6 months. If I get one and really love it I feel compelled to order a back up or 2 in different colors.


Right. If we take care of them they can last FOREVER so why buy more? People like getting new things even if we do not need them. Sometimes it’s to fill a void inside and sometimes just for the thrill and fun of it. As long as we’re being financially responsible and not ignoring other things like saving money…eh, go for it. If I went out drinking every week I’d spend more each month than a new yoyo costs. That yoyo will be around in 10 years but memories of what I drank will be long forgotten and yoyos do not lead to poor decision making.

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I’m curious how many duplicates of the same yoyo model people have. Sometimes you find a yoyo you like so much, you start collecting it in different colorways. For instance, I’m debating with myself over whether or not to get a VTWO in a third color (before they are sold out).

(From the cranky old folks home) #25

Well, I have 7 or 8 YYJ hitman yoyos, 4 YYJ journeys, 3 YYJ DMIIs, quite a few TK no-jives and BC loopers of various colors, 3 or 4 Duncan FHZs. 4 or 5 Yomega Raiders, 3 Spintastics Eclipses. At one time I had 2 Hspin G&E 4 Black Lilys. Sometimes I just can’t help m’self :wink:
and probably a few others.
p.s. Many of these have a slightly different setup than the others in the same group.


The only duplicates I have are 3 replay pros, two loop 720s, and two loop 1080s(which I’m looking to sell).


Get Paranoid worried about it not arriving :wink:


I like that thought.


The thrill of seeing “order completed” on the screen…then the anticipation of arrival…then holding it in my hand for the first time…then the first evening of throwing it…


I asked my parents for a Banshee for Christmas, and one day i see her walking up the stairs with a package with a G2 sticker on it. So I have a Banshee some where in my house. I just want to throw it once then I’ll wait for Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m a big time thrower so I’m always playing with a yo-yo, however I also love collecting. But money comes slow so sadly collecting come very slowly. But I agree it is nice to get a new yo-yo every now and then. Another way to keep me going(along with the thousand other reasons).


No cheating.


*I’ll just heave to buy mystery box to tie my over * :thinking:


I too love a good mystery from time to time … :male_detective:

As a show of support, I bought the $200 mystery box from @MrYoyoM when he closed down Return Top Shop recently :cry:


If people like mystery boxes, I’m always willing to clean out some of the collection :+1: Shoot me a price and I’ll find something. I currently have about 12 yoyos I want to get rid of.

I still enjoy getting yoyos. I don’t feel a need to have tons anymore though. I’m setting myself up to have a collection of 5 (not including giveaways):
Triple Point, flight, Duncan butterfly, just for fun, and maybe a manatee. I will bring in a few other yoyos (@Glenacius_K) in time.

I get the feeling of loving to buy and trade yoyos though. I went through a stage where I averaged 5 a week or so. That was a crazy time.

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Awwww, you rock, thank you!


SURPRISE ME JEREMY! My body is ready! :astonished:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #38



That is yo-yo galaxy brain level posting my friend.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #40

I approve of this attitude. I plan on releasing 12 throws in 12 months next year, and that’s only going to happen if y’all buy them!