Not All Videos Need Titles - 1A

Love from the UK!

Just wanting to share.

Really enjoy it but one thing I would change would be how far away you are from camera the second set at around 36-44 secs was a good distance the others you where pretty far away.

I really enjoyed that, poor canvas at the end though

I agree with you. Setting up the camera for closer shots takes longer and i was doing this in my lunch break. But excuses excuses… I want to put more time into my videos but im always way to excited to get them up online.

Yeah, the canvas was relatively undamaged. a light scratch.

That was sick!

I agree with the others.

I don’t know, I think the wider framing was actually quite refreshing.

I really liked it. It wasnt too far so i couldnt see everything going on. I absolutely love that Canvas.
Nice tricks too.