just wanted to share some my new tricks and combos with you guys

Very nice, I remember your older videos with the night moves 4 and all the suicide videos…what yoyo are you using in this video?

That was pretty sweet. Though, It would have been nice to have less background noise. If you use a movie editor you can mute all the noise, and just have the MP3 play during the video. Also, you can move you own thread without a mod. There is a red box sorta thing hanging from the very bottom of the thread that says move.

I chose not to edit the video on purpose. Just wanted the raw file with the music I was listening to at the time to keep things raw, wasn’t really trying to make an entertaining video per say, just wanted to show the combos and tricks I’ve been messing around with and get some feedback on them

@Slade, the yoyo is the 20,000 leagues moon-walker

I did like the fact that it was only one take.

WOW this is crazy… how long have you been yoyoing for?

Thanks. About 8 years.