Nostalgia vs Peregrine

Hey guys I am looking to buy a new bimetal and I think about choosing between the unprld nostalgia and yoyofriends peregrine. My current favourite bimetal is the magic yoyo z01 focus. What I am looking for in a bimetal is (in this order) long spin time powerful stable light fun
If anyone can compare the 2 and help me. And if you have other revomandations that you think I may like let me now


Both of them meet all of your criteria, except the Nostalgia plays solid and on the heavy side. The Peregrine plays light and fast, so that should suit your preferences.


You can check out my thoughts on both here.

@Nocompromise is right.
Also Shuyun and I are friends. I just made him a custom table tennis paddle so getting either one will get our approval I think :joy:.


How does the Edolass compare to them?

I am so in between I might end up getting both of them


I’ve never tried the Nostalgia, but the Peregrine and Edolass are very very similar. I think the Edolass is a tad lighter on the string whereas the Peregrine feels a bit more solid. The Peregrine is also a touch wider but if you define the catch zones as the area between the rims, the catch zones are about the same. Both are really great.


Very helpful. Thanks!