Northstar vs. N11 Please Help

I recently sold my Protostar and was going to buy a Northstar, but then I saw the Magic YoYo N11 and it caught my eye. How does it perform? Which one do you like better? Would you reccommend something else instead?

Also, does anyone know the Trigger release date? Should it be out before September? And will any be sold at Ohio States, if they’re out? Just wondering, because I may hold off and wait for the Trigger if it comes out soon.

Trigger should be dropping soon.

The cuts in stuff like the Avant Garde and Glacier Express help remove weight from one area so it can be pushed(or not) to another area. It’s a matter of weight distribution. I think the idea is to really remove loads of middle/center weight and push the rest to the rims, while keeping weight where the target weight needs to be. I’m gonna go plonk down cash real soon for a Glacier Express here.

Anyone else?

i would say the northstar. i wouldn’t go with a bootlegger company.

just because its bootleg, doesnt mean its not good

It appears Magic YoYo has been doing original designs. Not all “inexpensive Chinese brands” are bootlegging either.

Let’s not get into the whole bootlegger topic. Sometimes those pointing the finger are the ones guilty of that which they are whining about others doing.

Magic Yoyo is far from a bootleg company, if anything, YYF copied the N11’s design. Magic yoyo already received permission from Auldey to produce the N11. The N11 easily would beat the Northstar in every category, including price.