Northstar vs. Genesis

I’ve been looking at the genesis recently, untill i noticed that the northstar has nearly the exact same size and shape as it, minus $40. I was wondering if the genesis is worth the extra $40.

Jensen him self calls the north star a plastic genesis

Is it worth the extra 40 kinda If you want something metal and amazing for 5a get a genesis
If you want to save money and get one of best plastics ever made (in my opinion) get the north star

Get what you want.
Genesis is way prettier, metal, anoized. I think the only perk to Genesis is sound and grinding. It may also outlive the Northstar. I can’t be sure.


I think she means how quiet or loud it is. I cant be sure though, cause I didnt write it.

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well, in that case, the northstar will be louder due to the CT, but, if you put a CT in the genesis, it will be louder due to the full metal body.

That’s not true at all. I have a lubed Centertrac in my Dv888 and is super quiet. My Protostar, however, is super loud. Make sure you know what you are talking about before you say something.

thats the big word i dont know if you lubed your protostar bearing, but, i have heard spacers may cause some noise.

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One thing to keep in mind is that even though they have the same size and shape, they will no doubt play different due to the different weight, and possibly a different weight distribution. Think hitman and it’s celcon cousin the lyn fury. Totally different yoyos even though they are the same size and shape.

Yes. Genesis is metal and Northstar is Plastic. They will sound different regardless of the bearing.
Also all bearings sound the same cleaned so far in my experience.

I own a Northstar and it is the best plastic yoyo i have played!!! :slight_smile: I wouldn’t spend the extra $40 for a genesis

There both tied but think about this Genesis can grind but Northstar cant because of its material.So think about it are you a arm grinder or not.

Genesis is Way more H-sShape than the Northstar and Will get the out of tune vibe a NS does. I would get the Genesis before I got a NS. But, its what ever you want.

Huh? Out of tube vibe? Vibe is variable.

A little bit of sandpaper goes a long way my friend. I put a spiral satin finish on my Protostar and while i can’t say it quite stands up to the finish on the Genesis, it does perform pretty much on par with most straight anodized metals I’ve tried. A wise man once said, “Don’t knock it 'til you try it.”

That same wise man also said “Make sure you do all the proper research and that you at least have a decent understanding of satin finishing before you attempt it and accidentally ruin your new toy.” ;D For the record, I used an Imperial as a tester before attempting on any of my yo-yos that I care about.

Both bearings are lubed. And, before they were both lubed, the Dv888 was still quieter.

Was that wise man Jake from “My Gym Partner’s a Monkey”?

No it was me :stuck_out_tongue:

The shapes are not exactly similar… The ROCKstar is all metal prostar/northstar

Dv888 is quiet with any bearing even with crap in your bearing dv888 will be quiet. I have no clue why.