Northstar Arrows


Hi guys I need help with my Northstar, each time i try to screw it back the arrows just don’t align.

Does anybody have an answer to how I can get the arrows aligned ???

(PutridNebula) #2

Simple, just line them up, if you go past that then you run the risk of messing up the threads of the yoyo. Now, if you DO over-tighten it then the yoyo will not be as snug as it once was when the arrows meet, but if you are really that concerned with the arrows then you wouldn’t have over-tightened it in the first place, right? :wink:

(JosephP) #3

Did you over tighten the yoyo?

(Kyle V.) #4

Sometimes the arrows just flat-out don’t line up, from my experience. My Protostar’s arrows have only been aligned properly when I first bought it. The very first time I took it apart, they wouldn’t line up anymore.

My guess is that it’s because they screw those yoyos up so stinkin’ tight before packaging. That Protostar I mentioned… it took me forever just to get it apart lol I wouldn’t worry about it man.

(laxdude99) #5

Don’t get too worried my friends northstars arrows aren’t lined up but it is still smooth


Jensen said it’s not important to align the arrows, not that bad or big of a deal you know…