North Carolina?

I just moved to Greensboro NC, any throwers in the area?

I live in VA, but I travel to and from South Mills/ Currituck NC every once in awhile. how far is that from Greenesboro?


huntersville (15m north of charlotte).

i was born in greensboro but i moved to new jersey… sorry :’(

Im in Ernul which is very close to New Bern

Is that close to Oriental NC? My dad has a house near New Bern/ Oriental I believe

Yeah its close i suppose. If you go to my provile i have my place marked on the map and i looked and its just a little ways away, not too far.

Wake Forest Raleigh area.

Im in Durham NC which is near Raleigh and Wake Forest. About 1 hour away from Greensboro. I would love to meet some fellow yoyoing adults. No offense to any youngsters out there… Im just not allowed to be within a certain number of feet of children :slight_smile:

There have been a couple of us meeting Sat afternoons out at Lake Johnston in Raleigh. But we can get together any day after five really. It’s been really fun so far.