North Carolina Yoyoers.

Hey Some times I feel like im the only person in Shelby NC that yoyos. Is there any one elsa that yoyos, near Shelby NC, or just in NC. If so maby we could meet up somtimes and share tricks, stories and just shoot the breeze.

I live near asheville it’s not that close but it’s not that far away either, this is funny cause I posted this same thread last year and no one replied.

I’m near Raleigh.

I live in Winston-Salem. I’m willing to travel for a meetup sometime.

I’m in Waynesville.

Wildcat and I are going to meet up at University Mall in chapel hill on sunday from 2-5. Shoot either of us a pm if you’re interested. I’ll be gone to a summer camp from Tuesday to Saturday, so you can’t reach me then.