Anyone in North Carolina??

I live near Winston Salem Forsyth County Area

Anyone close? 1-2 hours away??

Put your age. Im 20

huntersville (n of charlotte). 33. there are a couple serious throwers in nc, but most are really spread out.
coincidentally, i’m picking up a paddle board in w-s later today.

All I have to say is…GO CANES!!! (ok, that’s my spam for the day)

ah yes… i’ve noticed your whaler’s hat. i miss living in the triangle. used to have season tix (AND a legit yo-yo scene). i was there for game 7 against edmonton. rocked the bare bones that day (pyro for game 5 proved unlucky).

Sir, that is one fancy jersey you have there!!! I still have to dig up the cash to get myself one (along w/ a Whalers jersey). I would have loved to been to those games. The only teams I get to go see is the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins and that’s just a sin for me. :smiley:


statesville. 13 (but i hang out with 19 year olds just about every day lol)

I live in Charleston SC.

Im in ernul, on the other side of the state