NORTH CAL throwers?


Anyone in the Whitmore, redding area?


Check out


No body.


sorry, same state but i live in long beach.


I’m in redding, I’ve met one other here too


Was it Andrew Clark?

(SR) #6


It’s south of Fresno but north of Riverside; right in the Central Valley.




Hmmmm… You moved from Chico…


I’m not sure his name, younger fellow. And yes I was in chico for a bit but redding is my home town.


Did he have Glasses?


no glasses but he was fairly new as well advancing along rather quickly though were you inquiring about Northern California because you want to start a club or just curious?


Just curious, so far, I know of you, my three friends, some guy in cottonwood, and a pro. It might have been my friend. When did you see him?


But, I might make a club…


Well its kind of embarrassing but he was the son of a women I attend AA meetings with. And I only met him Saturday the 27th


Well, that’s a new person. Your like 20 right?


yes indeed, if your on my facebook though, and i assume you are, you should have that info already

may i inquire your age?


I’m not on face book, I just looked you up. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not aloud to tell my age. But I am over ten, and under twenty.






Right now I’m in Merced for school, but I’m from Stockton