Any throwers in Redding, CA?

Are there any throwers in the Redding, CA area that wanna hang out at Big League Dreams Baseball Park on any Monday including today at seven?

Used to live in Fortuna for a little bit. But the road between the two was CRAZY! I remember feeling dead when I made it to Bridgeville.

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I live in Whitmore witch is 30 mins away.

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You still throw? I yoyo here in Redding. Haven’t seen another player in Redding. Do you know of any?
Wanna practice? You teach me or I can teach you. Would like to increase my skills and numbers of tricks. Lemme know if you wannt get together.


Chico ca?

To far away.

I was contacted by a yoyo club from redding several years ago. I suspect there are some throwers there still. I met with one of their group at my place of work in ashland, oregon.
I think if you look around and maybe post flyers or get on craigslist, you may find the remaining members, or possible strike up the group again.
I am fairly sure there are throwers in your area, kinda’ remember chris from yoyoskills living in redding. Maybe be wrong on that but possible give him a email and see if he is still or maybe knows of the group.

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