California throwers?

Hey all,

Anyone live in California city, Ca or Ridgecrest, Ca that throws?

It would be nice to know that i’m not alone ;D

Where’s that?

I’m near San Diego myself!

Ridgecrest is very far away from SD. It’s on the way to big bear I think.

I don’t live in Ridgecrest but a few guys in my 40K club do. Unfortunately they only play 40K and listen to metal.

Google it, its in the middle of nowhere really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww man, is there no one else up here that throws?!

Duuude. I used to play 40K and Fantasy! I played Warriors Of Chaos and Chaos Space Marines.

Wow…seriously still no one that lives near California city or ridgecrest?

Tehachapi maybe?


Awww, I used to live in morro bay! Would have been so nice to meet another thrower when i just started out back then.

Does anyone know what happened to the tehachapi yoyo club? i thought there was one.

Ehh to lazy to check how far you are from Cupertino. Probablyfar Im guessing xD

Yes 313 miles, lets meat up some time for sure. ::slight_smile:

Could I join

I live in Sacramento. Although you seem to be in the middle of SAC and LA. Maybe I could stop by when I go to LA? :smiley:

I’ve been active in a yoyo and skill toy group I formed. We meet in the South Sac area.

There’s loads of throwers in California. The problem is the state is big, so people can be spread out.

I live in Bakersfield, CA, which is surprisingly close to Ridgecrest (in the same county, actually).

I also frequent Newport during the summer quite a bit as I have a house down there. It makes it easy for me to get to the DXL meets and contests in southern california.


I’m out here in Lancaster! That’s about an hour from tehachapi or 45 minutes from Cal City. Let’s get something together this summer!

Dude! I’m in bakersfield! Not that far from either place! :smiley:

Chico ca


Redding! Ur like an hour away from me! Im in Chico California, you should come here on Saturdays, to a place called bird in hand meet a bunch of yoyoers! Including gentry stein, and get a free lesson from him. I dont know why I told you all this…