Noobish Question

While I was throwing my Skyy Chaser (Size D), the clear silicone pad fell out. Where can I get a replacement for it? PM it to me please, you know the rules. Thanks so much! :wink:

MOD EDIT: I’m sorry but I can’t let you keep that here.

I honestly hope that was a typo and I’ll let you fix it. If not shame on you.

There are no such thing as stupid questions…

Unless the answer involves breaking the forum rules.

I honestly laughed after reading that.

they sell white silicone response pads here, but they are not white (they do the same thing and work the same) but i haven’t found any clear silicone pads. I would personally recommend siliconing it yourself, to do that, visit this link:

SHAME ON YOU!!! better be a typo >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

I soooo agree: SHAME ON YOU! :smiley: YYE :smiley: better than >:(yyn >:(.