Noah.Bachofen good buyer

Sold a CLYW Chief to user Noah.Bachofen. He was great to work with and very accommodating especially since this was only my second sell. Great doing business with him.

Good buyer potentially. Not very attentive to the description of his throw in a trade…

I swapped throws to which I was told the Chief in question was to be MINT and then clarified that it had a pinprick that was hard to catch in a photograph.,59758.0.html
Thanks LinksLegionaire.

Upon receiving the Chief it was wedged assembled (not padded) in a small flat rate box.


It has a large ding a pinprick and more scratches than I would care to count.

I had also asked if he had “the box” and it was shipped with a Chief box but not the box.

We should all ship and describe the way we would like to in turn be shipped and described to.
Receiving a yoyo should be joyous not sad and disappointing.