I have up for sale or trade my chief, don’t know if this color way has a certain name or not but I like it. Haven’t seen another one on the BST. It’s near mint, it has on spot on one rim from hitting my carpet (always throw over carpet). I started using XL string recently and still getting used to it. Also on one inner ring it has some pencil marks from me using glow mods and I used a pencil to take them out. I’ll try and cut an eraser to fit and get rid of it. Other than that it’s mint. No vibe that I can see, even from the fingernail test. But others might be more critical of it so I’ll say “May Have A Little Vibe” bit then again most clyws do. I’m looking for other clyws or other throws equivalent to it. Really not too picky, just looking for some I haven’t had yet.

Not Looking For- any yoyojam, low end yoyofactory, duncan other than a Barracuda. Also not looking for “I’ll trade you X amount of cheap plastics for it”

So PM if you want to try and make a deal. I also have some other throws I could use if yours is worth more than the chief. I have a Summit, Genesis, Shutter, DM2, Rally, a few MagicYos and a few $30 and unders.

Tuesday bump

I have a Puffin now if you are interested in that. The Majesty is gone.

I want to trade my Dv888 for something so anything to offer??

We can tell that you are excited to find out that yoyo trading exsists, but please don’t post on peoples bst’s. Keep it to Private Messages (PM’s)