FS/FT: NMIB Genesis, NMIB DMII, and maybe a brand new Sleipnir?

Alright guys, I want to try more yoyos but I don’t have the money to buy them. I have a Black Dark Magic II with 3 tiny scuffs on the rims that can’t be pictured at all, or seen unless held in the right light. I also have a near mint Genesis that has 1 small scratch inside the rim that can’t be pictured. It takes a few times spinning it to find it, but it’s there. Very small. I’m looking to sell of trade either of these to try some other things. Make an offer. I had a 7075 Chief, a Dv888, and a new Catalyst that is pictured with the Genesis but sold those 3 to buy a Sleipnir.

I don’t have a pic of the Sleipnir on here because I’m most likely not selling or trading it, but you can offer. I got it 2 days ago. It’s orange and doesn’t have any of the tiny scratches/ano flaws that a certain site has a disclaimer for. I guess I got lucky?




Still open to offers on the chief, but I will most likely be removing it from this BST and adding a brand new Genesis and Catalyst to the list once I get the time to take pictures.

the pack was $100 retail

Shipping? His listed prices are “shipped”. Probably still adds a few bucks to what he spent, but $66 shipped for either a new Catalyst or Genesis isn’t bad.

lol $20 shipping :smiley:

And lasted how long? It’s not like I bought 10 of the pro packs and put each yoyo up for sale individually on ebay or this forum for $85.99 (which is the retail price, 100.00 was the ridiculous sale price for the pair). I bought 1 pro pack with the intent of keeping the pair if I like them better than my Chief, which I do not. So I’m asking $120.00 for the pair, expecting that someone will offer anywhere from $105.00-$110.00, in which case I will either break even or profit a whopping $4.00 after shipping costs. Mabye someone doesn’t even try to haggle and pays 120.00. Then I make $14.00. That definitely won’t happen now, but I didn’t expect it to in the first place.

If anyone else feels the necessity to point out the discrepancy between my asking price and the sale price via reply to this thread, instead of a personal message, they should refer themselves to rule #3 of the mandatory rules on this BST forum.

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Changed some prices, and decided I want a Yelets.

Still looking for trade/cash offers.



I want your clyw chief free

Me too. On a more serious note… still looking for trade/cash offers on the Catalyst and everything else. Really want to trade/sell the Catalyst though. It plays just like the brand new Catalyst that it is, but I don’t like the organic shape.

Added new wants

Need to sell the Chief.



7075 Chief… who wants one?

Need some money…