***LOOKING FOR*** CLYW Arctic Circle | CLYW Chief | GENERAL YO Hatrick | OTHERS

Hello there, welcome to my BST thread!



CLYW Arctic Circle (Looking to pay around $80-100, don’t mind a couple of dings)
CLYW Chief (Looking for beat ones, around $70-$80)
General Yo Hatrick (Looking to pay around $20-$35, yes I prefer beat with this one)
YYF Genesis (No ugly colors please, looking to pay around $30, can have dings)
YYF Supernova (No ugly colors please, looking to pay around $30)

NOTE- These are based on prices I’ve seen recently, so I’m not crazy.

[b]I love these colors, by the way:
28 Stories Edition***
Pekka Edition
Black Bip Bop***
SOLID BLACK (Musket)***


A few more things- (Some Rules)

  1. No trades.
  2. No offers outside the US.
  3. Paypal only.
  4. I have 2 positive feedback. Looking to get more!
  5. If you have Negative or Neutral feedback, I will simply not respond to your offers.
  6. I ONLY will respond to your offer if I really like it. Sorry.
  7. I don’t respond to comments in the thread.


[center]I want a nice throw at a nice price! ;D

Bump. Got some offers, they have dissapeared! Message me if you have anything.

People stopped responding again, so bumpity bump bump dippity jump.

Bump. Seriously, message me if you have something you want to sell! :slight_smile:


Have an offer going already, but wanting to see what deals I could get on a 5 Star.

Bump. Message me yo…


Really itchin for a really nice General Yo at a really nice price!!! Message me!!!

Bump. Mesaaaggeee meeeeee.

I have a fg gold nugget peak

Bump. Just want to see what I can get, I may have some deals going on though.

BUMP! Don’t be afraid to message me!