No troubles with YYE user 'Randysavage'.

He bought something from me and it went fine.


Then why the title?


I think the point of this was to show that there were no troubles in the trade.

I see what he was going for but the only problem with this thread is that anyone skimming through the threads might get the wrong idea when encountering this person.

P.s. I wish I had chosen the name Randysavage

What do you mean?

This thread made me smile. :wink:

Trouble? Oh we got trouble.
Right here in River City!
With a capital T
And that rhymes with B
And that stands for Buy Sell Trade.
Oh we got trouble.


Yeah, Brandon Bole (Randysavage) is a class act guy. Love him to death, he’s actually the main reason I make yoyo videos.