- no one cared who i was until i put on the mask -


Hey there,

Here’s the last of my newer tricks that I’ll post on the forums/Facebook. If you guys like what you see, subscribe!



thats awesome! :smiley: ive got to say, thats really creative


As @BeneTan said, you are really creative. Ear tricks are so cool!


I cared! ;D


Is the title a dark knight rises quote? I love batman. Because bane said that closer to the beginning.
Anyways, cool style and tricks :slight_smile:


That is where I heard it from. I thought it was a Majora’s Mask reference :stuck_out_tongue:


Legit throwin’ brah!


Fun. :smiley:


I like how you never put on a mask xD


The string is supposed to look like a mask…