no canvases on YYE?


everyone is asking for/getting CLYW Canvases. why are they not being sold on yoyoexpert? and could someone please pm me where to get them?


Canvai are only sold on


thank you i thought canvases looked wrong


Actually I believe the plural is canvases.


by the way i believe that you cant post the names of other websites


It is always written canvai on Clyw’s blog


clyw writes it canvai. but following english pluralization rules, it would be canvases. if it were canvus, it could be canvai, or canvuses.

(Edmeister) #8

Need a Canvas?
Offer me however It’ll be hard to get.
I own a 1st Run Dingkface Mint 1 of 12 I believe Has Jensen Kimmit’s Signature on it ., but I probabbly wont be selling/trading it away unless its an Insane offer.
PM me.


That’s just because they’re trying to impress you with how kewl they are,


Actually it’s not. On the entry talking about the new (current run) it is spelled canvases.

Edit: Grammar fail (in my post, hence the edit).