nj contest or meets?

hey everybody. i live in new jersey and i dont really know anybody that yoyos except for myself… its kinda depressing lol well anyways i was wondering if anybody or anybody in new jersey knows about maybe a contest or a yoyo meet in nj. if not then maybe there are some players around here that would want to put a meet together. i for one thinks its an idea. well get back to me. thanks for checkin my post out. later!!!

yo for your life!

I don’t think there are any New Jersey mets, but if yo are willing to drive for two hours, you can drop down to the boys at YYN. Also in Manhattan–I think, is where they hold the International Yo-Yo Open (IYYO).

yea i was there last year. cant wait until they put that together again this year. i hope they do.

Where in NJ are you? I’m in central NJ – Howell, near Freehold.

Maryland State YoYo contest is March 21st in Perrysville.

im in new jersey too, i live in marlton, its near cherry hill, hbu you other nj peeps

im in nutley. its pretty north jersey. its 152 off the parkway. man we should get together and have a yoyo session sometime!

Nobody lives in IL. :frowning:


yeah man for sure, so we have 3 people, one from north j, one from south (me), and one from central j

see? we got players in all three main spots in jersey. awesome!! more than i thought lol. hell i thought it was just me lol

Oops, didn’t realize it was 2 months old. Sorry.

Please mind reading the date of the post above you. There is no need to bring up posts almosts 2 months old. Again, please don’t necro.

Addment: Nah, can’t think of one.

I am from the jersey shore