NinjaVanish Help

I can do ninjavanish but sometimes I don’t think I do it right.
DO I pinch with my non-throwhand and do nothing with my throwhand?


Sounds like you’ve already done your homework, so I wont post any links to tutorial vids. You’re right though that you pinch with your non-throwhand and do nothing with your throwhand. Just keep that pinch through the whole motion, and keep it smooth, fluid and circular and you got it.

Your throw hand just says stays there for you to make a loop. and yes your pinch stays the whole time but i recommend making a fist instead(you probably already know that)

make sure your non throw hand is not too close too the yoyo when pinching the string

What helped me with this trick is knowing how it works… You hold your throw hand in place and you want that part of string to stay still. Then you whip the slack over this string and pull on the yo at the same time, trying to catch the yoyo in the slack.