Ninja Vanish :O from a brother slack

So I’ve been working on ninja vanish
It’s my standby trick to practice but I’ve gotten it down to a consistent point ( I think 4/5)

The first time I heard of a ninja vanish I saw it used in the brother slack trick , my first try I landed it but alas I have not landed it again since…So any idea on how to do that?

Practice right? LOL Any tips to make it easier

wot iz dat

See if the slow-mo at 45 seconds helps.

k i got it
The idea is that you need an open view of the area where the whip is going to happen, and also ample space for the NTH to execute it.
A possible way to achieve this is (after you catch the brother slack) to turn your body left and keep TH right in front of you at chest level, so that the NTH is half stretched out to the left.

I don’t think anything special is required. Land in a big enough ninja vanish. Be fast enough. I don’t use my whole hand when I do it from the brother slack. I think I use two fingers. It doesn’t really matter; if you want to use your whole hand, go for it!

I think its more of the motion than anything…I can see the loop forming every other try.

I think Greg pretty much has is down for how to get it to land. Just be fast enough and use whip your wrist a little fast than with a normal ninja vanish and you should be good to go.

I was struggling with this for a while. I found what was wrong - I tried to do the ninja vanish whip way too early. Just try to be smooth and calm. There’s no need to rush, you need to let the slack that was around your throw hand index finger ‘‘disappear’’. Hope this helps! Remember: be easy with this trick. Smoothness is everything!

I might be kind of late with this, but watch paul kerbel do the trick at 1:35.
I think this video does a better job of showing the motion needed to perform it. Take advantage of the fact that you have your whole hand rather than just a finger, you have more control over the string. Use your non throw hand to really throw the string around the yoyo. Also, move that same hand (nth) sideways a bit as you whip the string around during the ninja vanish.
Ex: I’m right handed, so I move my left hand to the left while I throw the string around the yoyo during the ninja vanish.